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CCTV of five lions escaping from Taronga Zoo released

On December 1, 2022, Taronga Zoo released video of five lions escaping their enclosure. The lions were four cubs and one adult male. They escaped by scratching at and then breaking through the fence.

The video shows the five lions approaching the fence and starting to scratch at it with their claws. After a few minutes, they manage to break through the fence and escape into the zoo grounds. The alarm is immediately sounded and zoo staff begin to search for the lions.

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CCTV of five lions escaping from Taronga Zoo released | 9 News Australia

Fortunately, the lions were quickly found and recaptured without incident. They were returned to their enclosure and the zoo says that no guests or staff were in any danger during the escape.

The video of the escape has been widely shared online, with many people praising the quick actions of the zoo staff. Some commenters have also pointed out that this is not the first time animals have escaped from Taronga Zoo; in 2020, a chimpanzee called Chauka also managed to break out of his enclosure.

While it’s certainly not ideal for animals to escape from zoos, it seems that Taronga Zoo has things under control. They have a great team of staff who are quick to react when an animal does manage to get out, and so far there have been no major incidents. Let’s hope that all future escapes can be dealt with as calmly as this one!

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