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Melbourne Dog ‘Esco’ Learns to Speak Her Own Language

Esco is an average dog from Melbourne, Australia. However, what sets him apart from other dogs is his ability to communicate with his owners using a unique language that he has developed himself.

This language consists of a series of barks, whines, and howls that Esco uses to convey his needs and wants to his humans. For example, a short sharp bark means “I’m hungry,” while a sustained howl means “take me for a walk.”

Esco’s owners, John and Julie Austin, say that they first noticed that their dog was using sounds to communicate with them when he was just a puppy. For example, when he wanted to go outside to pee, he would scratch at the door and make a little whining noise. Over time, these noises became more distinct and Esco began using them more and more frequently to get his point across. The Austins say they now have no trouble understanding what their dog is trying to say to them.

Interestingly, Esco is not the only dog who has developed his own form of communication. In 2017, another dog named Chloe from the UK made headlines after her owner taught her to use a set of 50 different words in order to communicate her needs. It seems that these clever canines are making us humans realize that we might not be the only ones who can learn to speak new languages!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend—they provide us with companionship, loyalty, and love. Now it seems they may also have something else to offer us: the ability to learn new languages! Esco the dog from Melbourne, Australia has become famous for his ability to communicate with his owners using a set of barking, whining, and howling noises that he has developed himself. This just goes to show that dogs are much more intelligent than we give them credit for! Who knows what other amazing things they might be capable of?

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  1. Andrew Cobbs Andrew Cobbs December 3, 2022

    Esco’s ability to communicate with his owners using a unique language is amazing! It’s really cool how he’s able to convey his needs and wants to his humans using just barks, whines, and howls. I’m so impressed by his special talent and I’m sure all of his owners are too!

  2. Boris Jolly Boris Jolly December 3, 2022

    Seriously? This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Esco is just a regular dog that can bark, whine, and howl. He’s not speaking some secret language that only he and his owners understand. Anyone could do that!

  3. Shelly Knight Shelly Knight December 3, 2022

    Dogs can talk! I’ve heard them myself. They just bark and whine in a way that we don’t understand. But they’re definitely communicating with each other!

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