Silicon India

Silicon India magazine has recognised S-Cube Futuretech as one of the 10 Most Promising Engineering Service Providers for 2017.

The market is full of engineering solution and service providers, not every company has the ability they claim. Keeping this in focus in the Engineering Special edition of Silicon India published in July 2015 the magazine has compiled a list of ’10 Most Promising Engineering Service Providers’. These are companies that with innovative engineering solutions coupled with functionality aimed at transforming a product have an edge over their competitors.

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CIO Outlook

APAC CIO Outlook Magazine has recognised S-Cube Futuretech Pvt. Ltd. as one of the 25 most promising construction technology service providers in a global survey conducted in 2016.

The April 2016 edition of the magazine lists the “25 Most Promising Construction Technology Service Providers”. The proposed list includes the most renowned technology companies that bring the latest technology solutions to the table. The list intends to help construction companies streamline their operations to reduce time taken by almost all the processes, which can be reduced with the usage of the latest technologies.

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