Item Name Steel Autodrafter


Quick Overview
The Steel AutoDrafter converts the analysis model into working design drawings. User can generate plans, sections and projected views of their steel structure. Steel AutoDrafter also computes the material take off at a drawing and project level.

Expertise: Generation of Design Drawings from analysis models for Steel structures

Features: 1.Generation of plans and sections across the structure
                 2.Projected views for inclined surfaces
                 3.Drawing style manager for customised drawings
  • Auto-Generated Drawings
    • Plan at any levels
    • Sections through the structure
    • Projected plans for inclined surfaces
    • Material Take off
  • Special Features
    • Converts wire frame model into 2D drawings
    • Auto correction of joints
    • Identifies beams as per their connection type
    • Intersecting members are identified
    • Base plate inserted at junction of steel and RCC
    • Define and draw grid system
    • Projected plans for inclined surfaces
    • Multiple presentation styles
  • Drawing Settings
    • Set drawing scale
    • Control layer names and colours
    • Define dimension style