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Why the Promise to Resurrect the State Electricity Commission Matters

In the most recent election, the Labor Party won a landslide victory in part due to their promise to resurrect the State Electricity Commission (SEC). In an interview with The Age, Premier Daniel Andrews stated that this promise addressed voters’ concerns about climate change, power prices, and privatised energy. Here’s why this promise matters.

The SEC was a government-owned utility that was responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity in Victoria from 1920 until it was privatised in the 1990s. The SEC was widely regarded as being efficient and effective, and it helped Victoria become one of the most industrialised states in Australia.

The privatisation of the SEC led to a sharp increase in electricity prices, which hit low-income households particularly hard. In addition, the process of Privatisation entailed lay-offs of thousands of SEC employees. The new private companies were also less invested in renewable energy sources, which contributed to Victoria’s poor environmental record on climate change.

The Labor Party’s promise to resurrect the SEC is therefore significant because it addresses all three of these major concerns: cost, jobs, and environment. If implemented, this policy would help to make Victoria more affordable, create thousands of new jobs, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The Labor Party’s promise to resurrect the State Electricity Commission is a significant one that addresses many voter concerns. If implemented, this policy would have a positive impact on the cost of living, employment levels, and environmental sustainability in Victoria.

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